Friday, December 5, 2008

Post-Hearing Coverage

I apologize for being so late with this. I was out of town for work last night, and the hotel did not have wireless internet. I thought for sure every reasonably nice place did, but I was wrong. Oh well, better late than never.

Wall Street Journal
CNN and another here
Washington Independent
FoxNews via Investor's Iraq, which has links to the statements of the CEOs and Gettelfinger
Hartford Courant (if you're not boycotting it for being a joke)
Sydney Morning Herald (dated 12/6, since it is already tomorrow there)

Here are a couple talking about The Chosen One and his role:

AP via Desert Conservative

And then there is this story from the Washington Post focusing on the most ridiculous part of this whole fiasco: how the CEOs are getting to and from Washington. Folks, we are talking $35 Billion just to start, probably ending up in the $125 Billion range over two years if Congress commits to keeping these guys afloat. Putting the CEOs jet in a hangar (or putting it up on e-bay, a la Gov. Palin) probably won't save as much in a year as if each UAW member donated the cost of a morning cup of coffee to the cause. It's not a bad idea, but it shouldn't be taking up time in Congressional hearings when they have as much work to do as they have. Some seem willing to bail them all out, if they'll just drive around instead of flying. Ridiculous.

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