Monday, January 5, 2009

Dodd Finally Takes Responsibility For Economic Collapse, Promises To Hold Himself Accountable

Chris Dodd had the following to say about how he was deceived into forcing lenders to make billions of dollars by providing bad loans while taking their huge campaign contributions, ultimately resulting in the economic tsunami we are trying to weather. From The Hill:
“The Banking Committee is examining this case to determine how so many people could have been deceived and how such a massive fraud could have gone undetected for so long,” Dodd said in a statement. “American investors deserve an explanation and the responsible parties must be held accountable. I am hopeful that our findings will also help inform our efforts to improve regulation so that such abuses do not occur in the future.
Oh, wait. I just read the rest of the article. Apparently he was talking about how the SEC dropped the ball with Madoff. My bad.

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