Monday, February 16, 2009

Off The Wire

Another local paper is taking notice of the declining position Chris Dodd has worked himself into. Ray Hackett at The Norwich Bulletin points out that the NRSC is issuing press releases hitting Dodd, even though there is no Republican challenger yet, which is a good sign that this race may get the national attention from the GOP that it deserves.

You've also got posts at the Everyday Republican and Radio Vice Online (with video) regarding AG Blumenthal's endorsement of Dodd. As anyone in Connecticut knows, Blumenthal has never walked past a television camera or microphone without stopping to kiss the collective rear ends of whoever happens to be on the other end. He has indicated that he is not going to run for governor, but instead will run for another term as AG. Yippee. As he may be interested in running against Lieberman in 2012, he really has no choice but to back Dodd and I think everyone knows it, so I don't know how much this endorsement really helps.

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