Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rob Simmons v. Chris Dodd In 2010? Simmons Says He Is Considering It

The Journal Inquirer has the following news report regarding Rob Simmons and his plans for the future. In it, he indicates that he wouldn't run against Rell for Governor, but would consider running if she decided to bow out after this term. Regarding Dodd's senate seat, he said this:
The one-time CIA officer, who during a Journal Inquirer interview said several times that he was continuing “to look for opportunities for public service,” also acknowledged that he was considering a race against U.S. Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, a five-term Democrat.

But while Simmons suggested that Dodd, the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, had been made vulnerable by the nation’s economic crisis and the disclosure that the incumbent had received special treatment from a company at the center of the collapse of the subprime mortgage industry, he also admitted to being cautious as “a Republican from a blue state.”

“New England has pretty much become a Republican-free zone,” he said. “So in this zone, the question is: What does it take for moderate Republicans to get back into the game?”

He added: “I don’t know what the future is of a Republican in Connecticut for elective office. I’ve not ruled out some sort of political race, but conditions have got to be right.

“I’ve got to see where we are,” he continued, referring to polls that show how Republicans are perceived.
Simmons would be a great candidate to run against Dodd; he would make the race a good one. He says he could have an exploratory committee formed by "the ides of March."

H/T Genghis at Connecticut Local Politics.


Cliff said...

I think Simmons is EASILY the best candidate we could field. He won a VERY blue Congressional district 3 times. He's a moderate, but was better liked by conservatives then, say, Shays, who was in a much easier district.

He's the perfect choice. Hope he does it.

CT Voter 2010 said...

I agree he would be the best to challenge Dodd in 2010. Hopefully he makes his decision sooner rather than later. Momentum is not in Dodd's favor, and we need someone (or someones) to start campaigning against him, either officially or unofficially, ASAP. Schiff's people have started, but I am not sure he could beat Dodd. Not a lot of Ron Paul love around these parts, you know? I'd vote for him over Dodd, but I Simmons would attract a much larger crowd.

Cliff said...

Personally, I'd vote for Dodd over Schiff if Schiff is as much like Ron Paul as they say. I'll take corrupt over insane.

But I doubt he'll beat another living person in the primary.

Alex said...
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Alex said...

Perhaps with the exception of Rell, Simmons is the best candidate. Naysayers will say "he lost reelection". But the loss was due to a Democratic tide that won't exist in 2010. Additionally, the margin of defeat was by 83 votes which is extremley small for any district, let alone a very liberal district.