Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Off the Wire: Dodd, Joey and Jack

While Chris Dodd has managed to keep himself out of any new scandals over the past week or so, the attention he has been getting still has not been that positive. Stuart Rothenberg at RealClearPolitics thinks Dodd is the most vulnerable incumbent (thanks for link, LR) in the Senate. Helen Ubinas at the Courant, OpEdNews, Riehl World View, and Consent of the Governed have posts along the same lines. Even those on the left think Dodd may be done.

Then there is the endorsement of the only politician in the state who could rival Dodd for ill-will: Joe Lieberman. My guess is that while Dodd is glad Lieberman isn't out campaigning against him, he'd just as soon have Joe keep his support to himself. Do you think if Dodd and Lieberman combined their votes they could win an election right now?

There are rumors that Jack Orchulli may be interested in running again, as well. CT Local Politics links to video of Orchulli, as well as Sam Caligiuri on Face the State.

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