Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chris Dodd Picks Up Key Endorsement ... From Tehran

Chris Dodd's support of criminal investigations into legal research he finds disagreeable got some favorable coverage from PressTV, a "news" organization funded by the Iranian government. The article describes how Dodd "ridiculed," "rejected," "criticized" and "contradicted" Obama for his backing away from the idea of investigations after releasing the "torture memos" from Bush's OLC.

While he has support for his foolish proposal from a Tehran-backed propaganda machine, a recent CNN poll (HT Hot Air) shows he is not getting it from the American public. According to the poll, Americans approve of the decision by the Bush administration to utilize waterboarding and other harsh interrogation techniques by a 50% - 46% margin, and are against Congressional investigations into the matter by a 57% - 42% spread.

I suspect the number of Democrats supporting the show-trials for Bush officials will be diminishing (along with media coverage of the issue) as more information leaks out about how Congress (including the pathological liar Nancy Pelosi, among others) were repeatedly briefed in detail on what was being done. Or perhaps they will think again when they realize that Obama's DOJ is utilizing, and the en banc Third Circuit has overwhelmingly upheld, the very legal reasoning Dodd wants Republicans imprisoned for. (HT Karl at Patterico). Or when it dawns on them that it won't even be possible to have the witches they are hunting disciplined by their state bar committees.

In his desperation to distract from his free-fall in the polls and the now-countless scandals he is either involved in or linked to, I believe Chris Dodd has made another serious misjudgment. Pandering to the Iranians and those in Connecticut on the far left will not gain Dodd any votes; they are already included in the mere 34% who favor him. If he wants to stroke anyone, it is the other 2/3 of the electorate he should be wooing.

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Libertarian Advocate said...

Love it! Alternative headline: Dodd Gets Kiss of Death" Endorsement from Iranian Press for his "Torture" Commissions.

Based on what we've seen evolve lately from Dodd's very odd reasoning, he might actually value and enjoy Ahmadi-Nejad's support.