Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dodd Looking To Legislate Tan Lines

The first time I ever wrote a letter to a state legislator, it was in response to a bill he proposed that would have statutorily required movie theaters to advertise not just the start time for the movies they were showing, but to list the start times of the previews. Apparently he felt his time was too valuable to spend ten minutes of it watching advertisements, and he thought it would be appropriate to devote the power and resources of the Connecticut state government to protecting him from that evil.

While this bill sponsored by Chris Dodd, which would push the FDA to enhance regulation of sunscreen labeling, may not reach that level of stupidity, it's not for a lack of trying. Is this what Dodd sees as the major concerns of his constituency? It's barely summer long enough here in Connecticut to get sunburned. And how stupid does he think we are? If I use sunscreen and get a sunburn anyway, I'll buy another brand. I don't need my legislators wasting their time and my money debating my tan lines.

This type of law is also demonstrative of the garbage he has a habit of imposing when he finds it politically expedient, like most of his recent credit card bill or his forcing lenders to make the risky loans to those with bad credit that sunk our economy. It is unfortunate for us all that he keeps choosing to use his powerful position in the Senate to promote this type of legislation instead of doing something to help us out of the hole he helped put us in.

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