Monday, June 15, 2009

In Case You Hadn't Noticed, Chris Dodd Is A Cheat

Just to show the world how honest he is, Chris Dodd decided to get his fancy Irish cottage reappraised in light of the crazy conspiracy theories that have been drummed up by the right-wing nutjobs.


That plan has not turned out as well as he might have hoped. Ends up that the house is worth about $660,000, hundreds of thousands of dollars more than he has been claiming on his financial disclosures since he bought it in a questionable-at-best real estate deal.

He is trying to spin this as a sign of how committed he is to the truth, but the fact of the matter is that if it were not for Kevin Rennie and others, he would never have done this. No parent would let their child get away with that, and we should not let Dodd get away with it. We cannot allow his ethical lapses to be overlooked, as he hopes, simply because he kinda-sorta acknowledges his actions may possibly have been a little bit less than completely truthful.

Rob Simmons wasted no time in releasing a statement blasting Dodd.

Lots of coverage at the following: Shelly Sindland's Blog, ConnPoliticsTV here and here, NRO, Irish Central, Everyday Republican, Hartford Courant, Kevin Rennie, Michelle Malkin, and RedState.

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