Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tom Scott Interview with the Doddger

The New Haven Independent has audio of an interview they say was recorded by conservative talk show host Tom Scott (then of WELI). Scott asks Senator Dodd why he won't release his mortgage application and HUD form, and Dodd repeatedly refuses to give a credible answer. According to the Independent, this interview was never aired by WELI and Scott has not worked there since the interview was conducted.

Interesting story, and the interview is good. We need more people to hold Dodd's feet to the fire on this question. If he didn't get a sweetheart deal and was not treated like a VIP or a "Friend of Angelo," why doesn't he just release the paperwork and end this? As Tom Scott repeatedly brings up, the Senate Ethics investigation doesn't prevent it. Dodd simply refuses to, and that makes him look guilty.

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